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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Don Jamieson - 'Hell Bent for Laughter' CD Review (Metal Blade)

STREAM: Don Jamieson - "That Metal Show, Wedding Songs and Guns N' F@ckin' Roses"

Don Jamierson - 'Hell Bent for Laughter' CD Review (Metal Blade)
Sometime in the early 90’s, I remember being in a bar and hearing a guy trying to impress his date by quoting Andrew “Dice” Clay lines. My guess is that this guy went home alone that night…

Don Jamieson’s comedy styling falls in the same vein as Andrew “Dice” Clay and Sam Kinison – it is a series of one-liners that aren’t for the politically correct or the faint at heart. There are moments that are really funny but Jamieson’s routine is mostly comprised of sophomoric “d*ck jokes”.

That Metal Show host Don Jamieson released his second album of live stand-up, Hell Bent for Laughter, in March (Metal Blade) and this show was recorded at raucous BYOB comedy club Uncle Vinnie’s comedy club in Pleasant Beach, NJ. The title is a parity of Judas Priest’s Hell Bent for Leather (Jamieson’s previous album title was a takeoff on Thin Lizzy’s Live and Dangerous) and this leads into the unfortunate but inevitable Rob Halford gay jokes: (i.e.) the original versions of some Priest songs were “Rock Hard, Ride Me”, “Heading Out to the Hershey Highway” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming - Don’t Get It In My Eyes”. Other topics include menstruation, giving up a body part for sex (insert Def Leppard joke here) and rock stars with d*cks so big that they can s*ck themselves off.

The audio clip above is the first track on the CD and it will give you a good indication of what Jamieson’s live show is like. Here is the track list for the rest of the disc:

01. That Metal Show, Wedding Songs and Guns n’ F@ckin’ Roses
02. Diapers, Tattoos and a Missing Thumb
03. Halford, Ozzy & Kiss
04. Motley Crue, AC/DC and My Awful Sideburns
05. A Mexican, Edward Scissorhands and a Missing Arm
06. Lubrication, Menstruation and Masturbation
07. Bad Dates, Dead Cats and Terrorist Ants
08. Guns n’ F@ckin’ Politics, Money Shots and Abortion
09. Things You’ll Never Hear Anyone Say
10. Thank You Louis CK, Trendy Stoners
11. The Liquor Store Bar, Balls and Magical Vaginas

In an interview, Jamieson described his comedy style by saying “I’m like AC/DC; I know three chords and play them over and over again".

For anyone who is into this brand of comedy, Jamieson is back at Uncle Vinnie's this month for five nights: 05/21/14 - 05/25/14.

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