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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Municipal Waste - Hazardous Mutation CD Review

Municipal Waste - Hazardous MutationHazardous Mutation has the potential to become a classic thrash metal CD. On this release, Municipal Waste updates the sound of classic thrash bands Nuclear Assault, Anthrax and DRI and adds their own energy, intensity and humor to the mix. Hazardous Mutation is the band's first release for Earche and there isn't a bad song on the disc. Great playing and great vocals make this CD perfect for repeated listenings. One of my complaints with some of the new thrash metal bands that I have recently heard is that all of the songs sound the same. That isn't the case here -- solid songwriting keeps this CD interesting from start to finish. Standout tracks are Unleash The Bastards and Bangover. Terror Shark is also a fun song -- check out the guy in the shark costume in the first video clip below.

There are some of the clips on YouTube that showcase the intensity and talent of the band along with how much fun this band is live. Earche is reissuing Hazardous Mutation with a bonus DVD in January 2007 and below is a trailer for the DVD.

I also ran across a bootleg video clip on YouTube filmed at a concert in Daytona. Check out the crazy kids crowd surfing on boogie boards.

The band is currently out on tour with GWAR and The Red Chord. Tour dates for the rest of October are below.

Oct. 23 Toronto, ON @ Opera House
Oct. 25 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's Down Under
Oct. 26 Louisville, KY @ Headliner's
Oct. 27 Columbus, OH, Newport Music Hall
Oct. 28 Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
Oct. 29 Indianapolis, IN @ Vogue Theatre
Oct. 30 Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
Oct. 31 Milwaukee, WI @ The Eagles Club

GWAR and Municipal Waste return to the New York area in December with a a show in Atlantic City on December 13th and a show at Irving Plaza in New York on the 14th.

Check out the concert -- buy the CD. It's all good stuff.