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Sunday, October 01, 2006

UK's Bluetones Cancel Shows at the Mercury Lounge

U.K.'s Bluetones were scheduled to kickoff their US first tour in ten years tomorrow night at the Mercury Lounge. I was planning on catching the show as I was a big fan of their debut CD Expecting to Fly. It appears that the band's 6-date US tour has abruptly been canceled.

The following was posted on the band's website earlier tonight:

It is with great regret that The Bluetones are forced to announce the post-ponement of their planned shows in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne.

The band were looking forward to playing these shows but due to circumstances over which we have had no control, are not in a position to fulfil these commitments.

Due to legal reasons it cannot be discussed here the exact nature of what has caused the cancellations, but rest assured the picture will be made clear for everybody as soon we have the full facts in front of us.

Again, I can only stress that this was not a decision that was taken by the band, so much as made for, and unbeknownst to, us.

I cannot properly express the heartbreak all of this is causing us, and apoligize sincerely for any dis-appointment felt by people who have already purchased tickets for these shows. We will try to re-schedule as soon as possible, although that is probably small consolation right now.

As it stands we may well be able to play the scheduled gig in Japan, we are trying to salvage that this week, but if there is any change there will be immediate notification.

I'm so sorry to everyone, but we intend to bounce right back from this and get out to the cities we have so looked forward to playing for the best part of this year, as soon as possible.

We feel like we've been kicked in the Mark. x x x