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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cleopatra Slot Machine Game Now Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Cleopatra is one of the classic casino slot machines in Las Vegas and Atlantic City and was prominently positioned last time I was in Caesars Atlantic City. This iPhone/iTouch game is a straight-forward port of all of the slot machine's look, feel and sound. While there isn't a slot machine handle on the iPhone, you shake the device to spin the reels.

Cleopatra Slot Machine Game Now Available for the iPhone/iTouchLike the land-based slot, this game is a 5-reel, 20-line game. You start the game with 3,000 credits and you can bet on 1 to 20 lines. Each line has a minimum of a one credit bet and a maximum of a five credit bet.

The jackpot comes from landing five Cleopatra symbols on a pay line but you can also do very nicely with a series of Sphinx symbols. If two or more Sphinx symbols appears anywhere on the reels, you earn a scatter award. The more Sphinx symbols that appear - the higher the reward. With three or more Sphinx symbols, you earn the Cleopatra Bonus which is fifteen free spins and any award won during these free spins are at 3x the normal amount.

The game has both an instant play mode (solo) and a tournament mode where you can compete for a place on the global leader board.

For any casino slot machine fans, the only thing missing in this game is the payout.

Cleopatra is $1.99 from the iTunes AppStore.