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Monday, August 24, 2009

Wolf and Cub - Science and Sorcery CD Review (Dot Dash)

Wolf & Cub - Live at Triple J Studios (includes T. Rex cover)

Wp;f & Cub = Science and Sorcery CD ReviewA solid slab of psychedelic dance rock that combines the blue-eyed soul of mid-70's T. Rex with the psychedelic rock sounds of Wolfmother and Primal Scream. It is an engaging and eclectic mix of sounds that is complemented by cut n' paste from production from Chris 'Bumblebeez' Colonna.

The disc opens strong with the extremely catchy single "Seven Sevens" which features the dual tribal drum sounds that I have always associated with early Adam Ant songs. Rather than go for the big pop hooks like Adam Ant, Wolf and Child add a pulsing bass and a wiry, angular guitar line to give this song a deep dance floor groove.

Guitarist/vocalist Joel Byrne drives most of the songs with his Marc Bolan styled vocals while the band's sounds shift between funk, high-energy indie-rock, psychedelic freakouts, dub and more. This isn't a hodgepodge of disconnected songs and sounds through as the band never drifts far from the driving beat of their dark-edged, psychedelic dance-rock core.

In addition to "Seven Sevens", some of the other standout tracks on this disc are "One to the Other" and "The Loosest of Gooses (Go on Your Own)".

"One to the Other" - Studio Video

"The Loosest of Gooses (Go On Your Own)" (Live)

Wolf & Cub