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Monday, August 31, 2009

T. Rex (featuring one former member) is Playing the Rockstock Festival in South Carolina

T. Rex Is Playing the Rockstock Festival in Greenville, SC9/9 Update: The Greenville News announced yesterday that Rockstock 09 has been canceled. There isn't a lot of details online for the reason behind this but...the age-old reason behind most cancelations is always poor tickets sales.

Growing up in the Baltimore/Washington area, some pretty strange lineups of popular 60's/70's bands would come through the area every now and then.

This included:
- The Byrds: featuring (drummer) Michael Clarke
- Buffalo Springfield: featuring (drummer) Dewey Martin

It went without saying that, in some tiny little DC/Virginia club, none of the guitarists/singers that made these bands famous would be playing that night.

A couple years ago, I saw that 'Frankie Goes to Hollywood' was playing the Bottom Line. I didn't go to the show but read the reviews that, while the band featured NO former members of the MTV/80's lineup of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the band played some Frankie songs live. I remember thinking "how bizarre".

There is a band billed as "T. Rex" playing next weekend at the South Carolina Rockstock Festival. This got my curiosity up so I did a bit of digging - this band was formed by T. Rex percussionist Mickey Finn (who has since died) and now includes session drummer Paul Fenton as the only member with a direct connection to Marc Bolan/T. Rex.

I used to kid around with friends and say that I would find some one-time members of L.A. Guns and put together a third version of the band. I'm now beginning to realize that this isn't funny as it could become reality too easily.

Mickey Finn's T-Rex