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Friday, August 07, 2009

My Cousin, The Emperor - A Long Way Home CD Review (Country R&B)

My Cousin, The Emperor - A Long Way From Home CD ReviewMy Cousin, The Emperor is the latest project of North Carolina-to-Brooklyn transplant singer/songwriter Jason Reischel.

In My Cousin, The Emperor, Jason has joined forces with guitarist Terry Quire, bassist Chris Gogan and drummer Alex Wyatt and the band has their debut CD coming out on October 20th. This disc caught my ear right away as the band captures some musical styles that are atypical to indie alt-country. The disc starts with some 'Country R&B' tunes that are stylistically similar to work from Jools Holland and similar artists. From there, Jason Reischel takes the band into reverb-heavy melancholy that is very comparable to songs from artists like Chris Isaak and Roy Orbison. One of the real standout tracks on the disc is "Regalo La Flor" which is an old-school Sun Studio's style rockabilly rave-up. All-in-all, the stylistic changes across this disc keep it fresh after repeated listening.

The first three cuts from this forthcoming disc are streaming on the band's MySpace page (link below) and these tracks are good representation of the overall disc. "A Long Way From Home" and "Broken Bottle Blues No. 2" are different takes on the band's 'Country R&B' sound and "Montevideo" is a slice of Roy Orbison/Dion-style melancholia.

My Cousin, The Emperor's next live show is a CD release party at Joe's Pub on October 16th.

My Cousin, The Emperor's MySpace Profile