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Thursday, August 13, 2009

HydroTilt XL (iPhone/iPod Game) is Now .99 Cents in the AppStore

I've downloaded a number of puzzle games over the last few months but HydroTilt XL is the only one that I'm still actively playing.

HydoTilt XL (puzzle game) is now .99 cents in the AppStoreThe premise of this game is that you have to guide a drop of water through various obstacles scattered across the game board to reach the goal point. You have crumbling blocks, grates, one way conveyer belts and air tunnels that can only be maneuvered by changing the drop of water into ice or steam. While this is an easy game to get started with, some of the puzzles require a bit of thought and planning to overcome. These puzzles add a unique twist and help HydroTitle XL stand out in the field of comparable tilt and balance game.

Since the game's original release, Publisher X has added a level editor and numerous additional levels. With the level editor, you can create your own levels which you can upload to iTunes for a chance to compete for cash prizes.

With the game now .99 cents, you aren't going to go wrong with this title.

HydroTitle XL (puzzle game from Publisher X) is now .99 cents in the iTunes AppStore

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