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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Wizards of Waverly Place Soundtrack CD Released Today (Disney) / Live Webchat with Selena Gomez on Friday

Wizards of Waverly Place Soundtrack Released Today (Disney)It is hard to keep up the heavy metal image when you have kids - especially kids who think the world rises and falls on Disney Channel stars. I've tried taking the older one to punk and metal shows but, outside of Hazen Street and Madball, it just hasn't stuck.

As a marketer, you have to hand it to the Disney 'machine' as it seems like every one of these Disney stars is a household name and tween heart throb. There is something to be said for imprinting your brand on the kids - let's not kid ourselves that the adults are the real decision makers or that they have more than a glimmer of an idea as to what goes on in this world. My daughter thinks this CD is a real big deal so I've asked her write a CD review sometime over the next few days. She understands this genre more than I ever will.

To get back on topic - this disc is the soundtrack to "Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie”, which premieres on Disney Channel on August 28. The tracks on the disc are a mix of 60's - 80's covers along with a few original numbers.

Here is the complete track listing:
1. Disappear, Selena Gomez
2. Magical, Selena Gomez
3. Magic, (Pilot) Selena Gomez
4. Strange Magic (ELO), Steve Rushton
5. Magic, (The Cars) Honor Society
6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, (The Police) Mitchel Musso
7. Magic Carpet Ride, (Steppenwolf) KSM
8. Magic, (Olivia Newton-John) Meaghan Martin
9. You Can Do Magic, Drew Seeley
10. Some Call It Magic, Raven-Symoné
11. Do You Believe in Magic, (Lovin' Spoonful) Aly & AJ
12. Everything Is Not As It Seems, Selena Gomez

In support of this release, show star Selena Gomez will be taking part in a Facebook live webcast chat on Friday August 7th at 7PM EST.

There is also a contest running where fans are invited to submit their videos for the song "Magic". Check out this video for more detail.