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Friday, July 30, 2010

Austyn Sullivan - Nature's Veins CD Review (Drone)

<a href="">The World Moves / First Day Gone by Austyn Sullivan</a>

Austyn Sullivan - Nature's Veins CD Review (Drone)Every now and again, someone sends me music from a band or artist that I hadn't previously heard of which makes me say “wow” but when I go online to look for details on the band, there is essentially nothing. The first of these bands was Castevet and the latest is Austyn Sullivan. The only information that I can find online on Austyn Sullivan is that he is apparently from New Orleans: “Residing in the decaying city of New Orleans. Music is the only way to survive.” (from Last.FM) and his MySpace page describes his music as “Jesus & Mary Chain mainlining cough syrup and jamming in the world’s most cavernous bomb shelter.

Williams’ latest EP, Nature’s Vein, isn’t as claustrophobically reverb-heavy or feedback-drenched as J&MC so I would suggest that closer points of comparison are Nadja, the Growing or Pelican. Austyn Sullivan’s music is textured ambient drone with murmured vocals beneath the surface which makes for perfect late night/pre-dawn listening. Nature’s Vein is a mature, accessible and well produced effort. While this is a solo project, Nature's Vein is far from a one-man, lo-fi bedroom recording. The disc's seven tracks clock in at 28 minutes so the disc makes an impact quickly which leads to repeated listenings.

Nature’s Veins is posted as a free download and the music should find fans in both the Hydrahead and Southern Lord camps.

Sullivan is in the process of relocating to Brooklyn so hopefully that will be some live performances that follow.

Austyn Sullivan