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Friday, July 02, 2010

Geographer Play Pianos on July 3rd // New Disc Out August 17th

One of “Three Undiscovered Bands You Need to Hear Now”–SPIN

Geographer Play Pianos on July 3rd // New Disc Out August 17thGeographer is an up-and-coming band out of San Francisco, featuring founder Michael Deni, Nathan Blaz of St. Vincent, and drummer Brian Ostreicher.

The band released their well-received debut Innocent Ghosts in 2008 and are following it up with Animal Shapes (out August 17th on Tricycle Records) which contains a crafty mix of electronic synth pop, chamber music and epic sweeping moods. The record merges Geographer's aptitude for crafting beautiful, haunting melodies with textural sounds and polyrhythmic energy, marking an evolution of their distinct style.

In the summer of 2005, after a series of deaths in the family, Michael Deni left his hometown in New Jersey for San Francisco. He spent the next several months with his guitar and a synthesizer he found on the street, turning the tragedy that drove him from home into songs rich with emotion and lush melodies. After the additions of cellist Nathan Blaz (previously in St. Vincent, on Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty label) and drummer Brian Ostreicher, Geographer spent the next year playing clubs around the Bay Area, crafting their songs into the driving, heart-pounding epics that make up Innocent Ghosts. Deni’s angelic vocals soar above thumping dance tunes with highs and lows that are simple and beautiful in their delivery.

Tickets for the show at Piano's are $10 and Geographer plays at 10PM. Also on the bill are Palenke Soultribe (12AM), Blip Blip Bleep (11PM), The Frail (9PM) and Deadly Organs (8PM).