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Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Are Hex Play The Bell House on July 14th // New Album Out Aug. 3rd (post-punk)

<a href="http://wearehex.bandcamp.com/album/hail-the-goer">Birthplace Of The Mystics by We Are Hex</a>

I love these guys' press quotes...
We Are Hex Play The Bell House on July 14th // New Album Out Aug. 3rd (post-punk)"A quartet that plays whatever the hell it likes. Wails, shouts, meandering guitars and more are laid over an impressively throbbing rhythm section. I suppose you could call this "gloom," but the drums and bass are simply too jaunty. A fine collection of disconcerting sounds." -Aidabet.com

We Are Hex will be traversing the Eastern U.S. this summer in support of their upcoming Roaring Colonel Records release Hail The Goer which is out August 3rd. This is the band's sophomore album and their music is angular post-punk (think Joy Division, the Cure, Gang of Four and PJ Harvey) crossed with the ferocity of the classic punk bands.

We Are Hex came together in 2008 and moved into a foul Indianapolis neighborhood where they locked themselves away in their studio space, dubbed the Hex Haus. In the spring of 2009, the band released their self-recorded debut full-length, Gloom Bloom, to positive reviews. After a summer of touring, they returned to the Hex Haus to create a new, very different record. Stripped of the auxiliary instruments and melodies that crowded arrangements on previous releases, the eight tracks on Hail the Goer are provided room to breathe. With delicate flute floating over powerful drums, or dry vocals thrown against a wall of noise, We Are Hex carefully select sonic elements that display their range, without sacrificing the dark, cohesiveness of the record.

Tickets for Wednesday's show are $5.00 and We Are Hex are playing with Brooklyn synth-pop band The 48 Hours. Doors are at 9PM but get to The Bell House early for free vodka lemonades from 7PM - 8PM.

We Are Hex