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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Never Got Caught: Creepshow CD Review (ex-members of Clutch and Tree)

Never Got Caught: Creepshow CD Review (ex-members of Clutch and Tree)Boston's Never Got Caught self-released their second full-length, Creepshow, last year but the disc is now getting some well deserved attention after the band opened for Clutch earlier this summer.

Never Got Caught is led by brothers Bryan "Uzi" Hinkley (guitar/vocals) and Bill Hinkley (drummer) who were part of the post-hardcore Boston outfit Tree. Never Got Caught's sound combines the bluesy groove of bands like Clutch and Alice in Chains with a solid funk influence which touches on bands like Rage Against the Machine and Lucy Brown. Clutch is an obvious touch point for the band as Bryan Hinkley has been working with Clutch for the past couple years as guitar tech / touring guitarist and he also co-wrote a couple songs on From Beale Street To Oblivion. Further adding to the interconnectivity between the two bands, Neil Fallon add vocals to the track "Slipping Out".

There is a quote in the band's bio where Hinkley says "We really [tried] to develop different song progressions and melodies from track to track. Recording Creepshow with Andrew Schneider (Pelican, Unsane), he was really helpful in changing tones and even different drum sounds from song to song." and this describes the album to a tee. The disc switches up between funk-metal ("Slipping Out") to brooding alt-metal ("Anyway") to Alice In Chains style acoustic rock ("Parasite"). The only cut that doesn't work for me is the somewhat overly long and bombastic "Charlotte I" with its spoken word vocals.

All-in-all, Creepshow is a solid outing which should strike a positive chord with both Clutch fans and fans of 90's style metal. A strong follow-up disc should easily catapult the band into a headlining role on a national tour.

Never Got Caught