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Monday, October 08, 2007

Automatic Children Play Crash Mansion Tomorrow Night (Tuesday, Oct. 8th)

Automatic Children @ Crash Mansion, October 8thAutomatic Children just released their debut CD and are playing a show at Crash Mansion tomorrow night. The EP is a lo-fi gem -- listeners will immediately pick up on the influence of The Pixies and the band is supposed to include a cover of Gigantic in their set. The last song on the disc, "Wake Up", continues the influence of the Boston-based bands and has a strong Sebadoh influence. Across this disc, the band's sound is diverse but the disc doesn't sound unfocused.

My favorite tracks on the new EP are the two rockers, "Dirty Weekend" and "Pity Party". The later track is rather interesting as the male/female vocal interplay is really similar to mid-80's X.

The new 5-song EP is entitled "It's Not Me, It's You" is available from CD Baby and directly from the band (nach!). The band's lyrical themes are interesting as well, dealing with a diverse range of subjects from hipsters ("Automatic People") to failing relationships ("Pity Party").

The band had their first official show at Southpaw last month for their CD release party and have already been named by Deli Magazine as an "Artist on the Rise".

The show tomorrow looks fun. Tickets are only $10 and the band is scheduled to play at 8:30PM.

Automatic Children's MySpace page