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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Blakhiv - "Any Way She Wants It" CD Review

The Blakhiv - Any Way She Wants It CD ReviewThe Blackhiv's debut CD EP is due out October 15th. The band is working on a full length LP and this EP is a stop-gap recording of the band performing live on Radio Reykjavik in 2005. The EP contain 5 songs and clocks in just over 10 minutes.

Imagine The Jesus Lizard crossed with AC/DC and that is what you have with The Blackhiv. This is dirty garbage rock (which is played faster than garage rock) with off-kilter vocals that remind me of David Yow. It sounds like the majority of the lyrical themes are in the gutter. The first song on the disc, "I Just Wanna Get Drunk With You", has the chorus 'I just want to get drunk with you and take off all your clothes'. The last song on the disc, "This Fix is Temporary", ends with the line "Just shoot me again and give me a fix".

Here is a snippet from the band's bio on MySpace which sums up the essence of this EP -- "We am The Blakhiv from Iceland we love booze, American girls and all Rock and Rolling. We am just wants to be rocking United States soonest can we and drink the Jack Daniels whiskey. Rock!!!"

Based on this EP, I am looking forward to the full-length LP and hopefully the band will make it to the US sometime soon to tour.

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