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Friday, November 16, 2007

Kiss/Gene Simmons Readies the Next Batch of Archival Material

Kiss Announces More Archival MerchandiseKiss has announced that Kissology Volume 3, the third volume in their DVD series, will be released on December 18th. I am a big Kiss fan but enough is enough.

Gene/Paul - All the Kiss fans already have most of these shows as KissVision bootlegs!

Where I was particularly disappointed with Kissology Vol 2 was that the KissVision bootlegs were more complete. Hopefully that isn't the case with the shows on Vol. 3. There is one interesting show in this new set that I haven't seen before but, strangely, it isn't the bonus disc.

The shows in the Kissology Vol. 3 set are:
* Detroit – 1992
* Detroit – 1996
* Los Angeles – 1998
* New Jersey – 2000
* Queens, NY - 1973 (this should be really interesting)

The bonus disc (it sounds like it is available at all retailers) is the KROQ Weenie Roast show from 1996 which was the band's first reunion show.

In other Kiss news, Gene Simmons has given some recent interviews where he talks about a box set of solo recordings, "Monster", of "150 unreleased songs" and a box set of unreleased Kiss songs. Be warned though that both box sets will likely have "monster" price tags. We will see what happens in 2008.

Kiss has also announced a series of shows in Australia and New Zealand based around Indy car racing. The mini-tour kicks off in Melbourne on March 16th.