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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Music Releases this Week

As usual, there isn't much of interest at the Big Box stores (Best Buy and Circuit City). The fun stuff is at the indie stores and my favorite indie stores are Vintage Vinyl and Newbury Comics.

Vintage Vinyl has:
All three of Joy Division's original albums remastered with a bonus live CD for $19.99 each
- Unknown Pleasures' bonus live disc - Factory, Manchester: April 11, 1980
- Closer's bonus live disc - Live at ULU, Feb 8, 1980
- Still's bonus disc - Soundcheck and live @ High Wycombe Town Hall, Feb. 20, 1980
** All CDs come with a limited edition 7" of "She's Lost Control/Dead Souls"

Interpol - Live at the Astoria in London (6 track live EP) $6.99

The Hold Steady - Live at Fingerprints (5 track EP) $5.99

Newbury Comics has:
- Autographed Angels of Light/M. Gira CD $13.99
- Autographed Carbon/Silicon CD $13.99
(Where else are you going to get Mick Jones and Tony James' autograph?)
- Autographed Dillinger Escape Plan CD $12.99
- Autographed From Autumn to Ashes CD $12.99
- Autographed High on Fire CD $12.99
(I am a bit surprised that this one hasn't been bought out by the eBay speculators)

There are a lot more limited-edition pressings and autographed stuff on both sites so check them out.