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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Adam Yauch (MCA) Launches Indie Film DVD Club (Oscilloscope Laboratories)

Adam Yauch Launches Indie Film DVD Club - Oscilloscope LaboratoriesBeastie Boy Adam Yauch’s independent film distribution company Oscilloscope Laboratories has just started offering a new subscription service called “The Circle of Trust” that allows fans to get top-line independent films on DVD a week ahead of the general public.

Adam Yauch, the Minister Of Information at Oscilloscope Laboratories commented "There's a real void in the marketplace since Columbia Record club is no longer active, so we're hoping to hire a staff of tens of thousands to call our valuable membership over and over again and harass them until they cry."

Getting serious, for an annual fee of $150, you get 10 newly released DVDs as well as half-off any DVDs from the back catalog. (Here is a link to Oscilloscope Laboratories' back catalog) This is a great opportunity to see the best of the independent film scene.

Frightenly enough, even Oprah recommends these DVDs as a great Xmas gift.

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