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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dios Release Free Single in Advance of New CD (Due Out 15/Feb. on Buddyhead)

DOWNLOAD: Dios - "4th Quarter Single"

Dios Release New CD 'We Are Dios' on Feb. 15th (Buddyhead)Cali rockers Dios (Malos) sound like the Beach Boys raised on cheap beer, kind bud and crushing cynicism. -Village Voice

Hailing from Hawthorne, CA - home of the Beach Boys - Dios' sound is a product of their environment. Hawthorne has slowly devolved into its current chaotic blend of race riot aftermath, shuttered malls,and used car lots. Smog, graffiti and strip malls have replaced the surf, orange groves, and beach bonfires of the Beach Boys' songs. Dios' points of reference are the high-school dropout, the homeless man, and the ragged car-wash attendant smoking in the sunset.

Dios has been working on this new disc for the past three years which has been described as a "schizophrenic combination of powerful melodies and compelling arrangements...songs melt together, creating a pocket-symphonic-folk-song-cycle in which leitmotifs drift in and out, aurally suggesting a Fellini score played over the Electric Kool-Aid acid test".

Dios do not sing about cars, surfing, and/or high school. Dios' themes of ridiculousness, illicit substances, and going crazy are more in keeping with the Beach Boys of Smile, not “Fun, Fun, Fun".

The band's third disc, We Are Dios, comes out February 15th on Buddyhead.

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