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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deep Purple - "BBC Sessions 1968 - 1970" CD Review

Deep Purple - 'BBC Sessions 1968 - 1970' CD ReviewAfter getting fairly annoyed / disappointed with the recent series of major label “deluxe reissues” (Nirvana, Pink Floyd, etc.), Deep Purple’s The BBC Sessions 1968/70 is a welcome change - along with being a great addition to the band’s extensive catalog. It isn’t quite fair to call this 2CD set a “deluxe reissue” but about half of these tracks had circulated previously on various compilations and reissues. This is the first time though that ALL of Deep Purple’s BBC session that were recorded between 1968 – 1970 have been released in chronological running order.

Disc One chronicles the band’s under-documented Mk 1 line-up's sessions for the BBC. Disc Two douments the early days of the Mk 2 lineup and captures this lineup prior to their initial studio release (In Rock) with a session that took place less than two months after the Mk 1 lineup came to a close. This 2CD set also comes with a 10-page booklet that details each of the sessions and the songs played. The sound quality on Disc One varies (depending on the source material) but the flaws are minor. The sound quality on Disc Two is “pin drop” perfect.

Disc One – Mk 1 Lineup (Seven previously unreleased songs + a previously unreleased brief interview with Rod Evans)

John Peel “Top Gear” Session – June 18, 1968
- "Hush",
- "One More Rainy Day"
- "Help"

“Symonds on Sunday” Session - 1968
- “And the Address"

John Peel “Top Gear” Session – January 14, 1969
- "Hey Bop A Re Bop" (early version of "The Painter")
- "Emmaretta"
- "Wring That Neck"
- "Hey Joe"
- "It's All Over"

"Sounds like Tony Brandon" Show Session – June 24, 1969
- “The Painter”
- "Lalena"

Chris Grant’s “Tasty Pop Sundae” Session – June 30, 1969
- "The Painter"
- “I’m So Glad”
- “Hush”

Disc Two – Mk 2 Lineup (Ten of the eleven songs along with a brief interview with Jon Lord were previously released on 2002’s Listen, Learn, Read On box set)

“Symonds on Sunday” Session – August 11, 1969
- “Ricochet” (early version of “Speed King”)
- “The Bird Has Flown”

Stuart Henry’s “Noise at Nine” Session – October 31, 1969
- “Speed King”
- “Jam Stew” (aka “John Stew”)

Mike Harding’s “Sound of the Seventies” Session – April 21, 1970
- "Hard Loving Man"
- "Bloodsucker"
- "Living Wreck"

BBC Transcription Services Session – September 23, 1970
- “Black Night”
- “Grabsplatter” (Early instrumental version of “I’m Alone”)
- “Into the fire”
- “Child in Time”

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