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Saturday, December 24, 2011

La Coka Nostra Post Free Download - "Malverde Market" - from Forthcoming Second Disc "Masters of the Dark Arts"

DOWNLOAD: La Coka Nostra - "Malverde Market"

La Coka Nostra Post Free Download - 'Malverde Market' - from Forthcoming Second Disc Hip Hop super-crew, La Coka Nostra (LCN) has re-surfaced in time for the holidays with a new song for free download and video! "Malverde Market" features LCN members Slaine and Ill Bill (Bill also doing double duty as producer of the track) and is a sampling of what is to come for 2012. The group has announced they are working on a new full-length titled Masters Of The Dark Arts to be released next May. This will be the follow up to the group’s 2009 debut album A Brand You Can Trust.

There is an in-depth interview with Bill published on The Spizzy (snippet below) where Bill talks about his latest mix-tape, Howie Made Me Do It, and the forthcoming La Coka Nostra album.

Pacino: What’s poppin with La Coka Nostra’s next album, Master of the Dark Arts? How’s that coming along?

Bill: That’s the next record coming out that I’m involved with and it’s coming along crazy, man. Lethal just hit us with a folder of beats. We haven’t heard beats from him in a while. He’s one my favorite producers… he slept-on, he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves but I think he’s a great producer. We’ve sitting on a bunch of beats. I’ve done some production for the record. C-Lance has done some production for the record so far. Jack of All Trades, who did some joints on the Heavy Metal Kings record, he’s done one so far that we’ve rocked. Got a couple more in the chamber.

We’ve waited a while to get into recording this record because everybody’s so busy individually. It presented itself opportunity-wise to be able to work on this record and put it out in the time frame. We have to make moves based off of different schedules, being that we’re all real busy. Slaine might have become the busiest dude in the group in the past couple of years… especially him with the movie work he’s doing. So we had to jump on it. So basically me and Slaine have pretty much been in the studio kind of spearheading everything. We’ve been putting in the work so far, going in. I’m excited because I already got two beats on the record, which is like, a beat and a half more than the last album.

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