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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lord Mantis Release First Track "At the Mouth" from Upcoming Sophomore Album (Out March 13th on Candlelight Records)

Lord Mantis Release First Track 'At the Mouth' from Upcoming Sophomore Album (Candlelight Records)When did NPR become hip enough to cover black metal releases?

The first track, "At the Mouth", from Lord Mantis' sophomore release, Pervertor, premiered on NPR's All Songs Considered Blog which was accompanied by an interview with guitarist Andrew Markuszewski (snippet below).

NPR: What role does blasphemy and perversion take in Lord Mantis?

AM: You'll find blasphemy and perversion in various states of practice in every member of this band. Pervertor comes straight from our beating black hearts. While I won't exactly go into specifics on what each of us does in our lives to communicate evil, if you listen to the music and read the lyrics — understand that we practice what we preach, for the most part. I mean, none of us have committed the act of murder on a physical level, yet, but everyone in the band has realized that evil eye in them. Bill [Bumgardner] hates everyone, for the most part. Charlie [Fell] is one demented and twisted soul. He's probably the last guy you'd want to be at the mercy of. He actually bit me in the leg once. I still have a scar. Granted, I did teabag him while he was in a straitjacket, though. Greg [Gomer] is dating an intense and professional dominatrix. I'm a blasphemous and hedonistic monk.

Chicago-based Lord Mantis is comprised of bassist/vocalist Charlie Fell (Nachtmystium, Von, Von Venien), drummer Bill Bumgardner (Indian), and guitarists Andrew Markuszewski (Avichi, Nachtmystium, Von, Von Venien) and Greg Gomer. Undoubtedly one of the most vile releases of 2012, Pervertor is the follow-up to the horde's 2009-released Seventh Rule Recordings debut, Spawning The Nephilim, the new LP exemplifying their pungent, hateful surge more than ever. Pervertor was put to tape with Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Pelican, Indian), liberating the organic filth of the hymns with maximum destroying power.

Pervertor Track Listing:
1. Perverter Of The Will
2. Septichrist
3. Vile Divinity
4. Levia
5. Ritual Killer
6. At The Mouth
7. The Whip And The Body

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