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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Miss Guy (Toilet Boys Vox) - "Dumb Blonde" CD EP Review

Miss Guy (Toilet Boys Vox) - 'Dumb Blonde' CD EP ReviewMiss Guy - established DJ and front-man for the recently reunited glam-punk band Toilet Boys – just released his first solo disc, “Dumb Blonde”. Miss Guy has been a fixture in the downtown NYC rock scene for over fifteen years, co-written songs with Deborah Harry (“Charm Alarm”) and Boy George (“Stay Away from Pretty Boys”) and is now stepping out under his own name with the release of this new EP (and he has a follow-up EP readied for later this year). Miss Guy always showcased a wide range of musical styles when DJing and his new disc spans a number of musical genres.

The disc opens with the glammed-up autobiographical song “Dumb Blonde” which, with its big hooks and melodic gutter punk riffs, sounds like it could have come from the Toilet Boys back catalogue. From there, Miss Guy goes into the slinky and pulsing dance club grind of “Take It Off” and follows this with the winsome power-pop number “Magic”. “Don’t Stop” is a mellow semi-acoustic love ballad the combines an acoustic guitar with an electronic beat. The disc’s final track, “Sometimes”, is a hazy, late-night mix of acoustic instrumentation and electronic feedback that ends the disc on an ethereal note.

Miss Guy is the resident DJ at the NYC parties DropOut at WiP (Deborah Harry joined Miss Guy for a song at the party this past week) and POGO at Hotel Chantelle.

“Dumb Blonde” was co-written and produced by Super Buddha’s Barbara Jean Morrison and Charles W. Nieland and is available via iTunes and Amazon.

Miss Guy