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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cold Blood Club (Indie Dance Rock) Plays Bowery Ballroom on July 23rd Alongside Future Bible Heroes (Stephin Merritt)

Cold Blood Club (Indie Dance Rock) Plays Bowery Ballroom on July 23rd Alongside Future Bible Heroes (Stephin Merritt)

Seven member indie dance-rock collective Cold Blood Club are playing Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday, July 23rd, opening for Future Bible Heroes.  Cold Blood Club premiered the song/video "Goodbye to All That" earlier this month which is the first track from this band's forthcoming disc Tear Down The Maps. In a recent interview with Violent Success, guitarist/songwriter Tom Stuart had the following to say about the band's new disc and this first track: "I think almost every song on the record is about a decision and ‘Goodbye to All That’ is like the canary in the cave."

Tuesday night's show starts at 8PM (doors at 7PM) and tickets are $15. Cold Blood Club goes on first and are followed by Luxury Liners (Canter Tanton's latest project), with Future Bible Heroes headlining the show.

Brooklyn-based Cold Blood Club is a gang of musicians, 7-members-strong, who have been conquering the New York Indie dance scene one packed venue at a time since they debuted their edgy blend of soul, rock, and pop in the summer of 2011. Now, Cold Blood Club, who has been hailed as “almost too catchy for their own good” (The Deli Magazine), offers a taste of their forthcoming LP with new single/video, "Goodbye to All That." The New Wave delight, featuring catchy dance grooves, electro-beats and pop sensibilities was produced by Charles Newman (Magnetic Fields, Future Bible Heroes), and mixes in dark overtones to create a bittersweet atmosphere that reflects the nostalgic nature of the lyrics.

Self described as “an open love letter to New York, friendship, heartbreak and making peace with the past,” the follow-up to 2012’s Headlines and Firefights was penned by the band’s creator and songwriter Tom Stuart, as he struggled with balancing the aimlessness of finding a place to live, a thriving nightlife and a tumultuous personal life, themes most young New Yorkers can relate to.

As free-spirited as the group itself and the town that inspires them, the video directed by Kris Merc (De la Soul) depicts the band against a vibrant backdrop of slick city streets, moody dive bars and rowdy karaoke clubs, wrapping us up in a feeling of timelessness that lingers in our hair and clothes like cigarette smoke the next day. It’s the party that lasts all night, and a glimpse into the friendship, reinforced by a shared love of the city, that holds the band together.

Inspired by acts like LCD Soundsystem, Metric and New Order, Cold Blood Club originated as a studio project with Stuart and former Radio America bandmate Jesse Reno (bass) along with newcomer Kendra Jones and Bradley Peterson (Earlymay) on joint lead vocals. After only a handful of shows, Cold Blood Club quickly evolved into the well-matched 7-piece showstopper they are today, joined by agile drummer Shin Kamei (Angela Jane), flame-haired violinist Hilary Davis (Bella Koshka) and classically trained pianist Adina Benno on synth. Their “infectious melodies, not to mention boundless energy” (Sound Dessert) have cemented them as a band to watch in 2013.

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