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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Kiss - '40' CD Review (40th Anniversary Compilation)

Kiss - '40' CD Review (40th Anniversary Compilation)
Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” - John Lydon

Kiss’ latest greatest hits compilation, 40, has a unique hook in that it is a chronological walk-through of Kiss’ back catalog, pulling one track from thirty-nine of the band’s past releases. The downside is that this looks like yet another cash grab as Kiss has already released numerous greatest hits compilations and the only previously unreleased song on this release is a 1977 demo from Gene Simmons entitled “Reputation”. “Reputation” is decent track that is comparable to “Christine Sixteen” and “Radioactive” but this track alone doesn’t justify the purchase of yet another compilation.

Here is the track list for 40:

Disc 1
01. “Nothin' to Lose” (from KISS)
02. ”Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll” (from Hotter Than Hell)
03. ”C’mon and Love Me” (from Dressed to Kill)
04. ”Rock and Roll All Nite" (Live) (from Alive!)
05. “God of Thunder” (Demo) (from The Box Set) (Note: Paul on vocals)
06. “Beth” (from Destroyer)
07. “Hard Luck Woman” (from Rock and Roll Over)
08. “Reputation” (1977 Demo)
09. “Christine Sixteen” (from Love Gun)
10. ”Shout It Out Loud” (Live) (from Alive II)
11. ”Strutter ’78" (from Double Platinum)
12. ”You Matter to Me” (from Peter Criss)
13. ”Radioactive” (from Gene Simmons)
14. ”New York Groove” (from Ace Frehley)
15. ”Hold Me, Touch Me” (from Paul Stanley)
16. ”I Was Made for Lovin’ You” (Single Edit) (from Dynasty)
17. ”Shandi" (from Unmasked)
18. ”A World Without Heroes” (from Music from “The Elder”)
19. ”I Love It Loud” (from Creatures of the Night)
20. ”Down on Your Knees” (from Killers)
21. ”Lick It Up” (from Lick It Up)
22. ”Heaven’s on Fire” (from Animalize)

Disc 2
01. "Tears Are Falling" (from Asylum)
02. "Reason to Live" (from Crazy Nights)
03. "Let’s Put the X in Sex" (from Smashes, Thrashes and Hits)
04. "Forever" (Remix) (from Hot in the Shade)
05. "God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll to You II" (from Revenge)
06. "Unholy" (from Alive III)
07. "Do You Love Me?" (from KISS Unplugged)
08. "Room Service" (from You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!)
09. "Jungle" (Radio Edit) (from Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions)
10. "Psycho Circus" (from Psycho Circus)
11. "Nothing Can Keep Me from You" (from Detroit Rock City: Music from the Motion Picture)
12. "Detroit Rock City" (from KISS Symphony: Alive IV)
13. "Deuce" (from KISS Instant Live, 2004)
14. "Firehouse" (from Alive: The Millennium Concert)
15. "Modern Day Delilah" (from Sonic Boom)
16. "Cold Gin" (from Alive 35)
17. "Crazy Crazy Nights" (from Sonic Boom Over Europe)
18. "Hell or Hallelujah" (from Monster)
19. “Hell or Hallelujah” Live - Japanese Bonus Track

My challenge is that I can’t figure out what demographic this compilation is being targeted to. Long-time Kiss fans will already have all of these tracks and “Reputation” has commonly circulated on Kiss bootlegs (i.e. First Kiss, Last Licks). If this release is targeted to the ‘uninitiated’, the aging soccer dad/mom who wants to relive the radio hits of their youth may not be prepared for or want to hear the soft white underbelly of Kiss’ late 70’s/early 80’s lite FM/disco schmaltz. All-in-all, Double Platinum or any of the “Alive” albums would be a better place for this later demographic to start.