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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Young (Matador Records): Win Tickets to Tomorrow Night's Show at Glassland

The Young (Matador Records): Win Tickets to Tomorrow Night's Show at Glassland
Austin, TX’s The Young has made a solid album that is, simply stated – high quality, straight up rock and roll. While Chrome Cactus is a little darker in it’s lyrical and musical content than their past efforts, it’s still an album that reinforces everything great about American Rock music currently. The rhythm section of drummer Ryan Maloney and bassist Lucas Wedow lay down a heavy (though nimble where they need to be) foundation for the already formidable guitar interplay of Hans Zimmerman and Kyle Edwards. While their last two albums were produced by Zimmerman himself, this time they brought in fellow sonic assassin Tim Green (Nation of Ulysses, The Fucking Champs, Thee Evolution Revolution etc.) who also played on the record.

The Young’s members have all spent many collective years exploring musical interests previous to and in addition to their time in the band. Hans is a recording engineer, and he produces records out of his home. In addition to the first to albums by his own band, he’s recorded Spray Paint, Criaturas, Destruction Unit, Total Abuse, Institute and more. Kyle builds his own guitar pedals.. Lucas previously played bass for the notorious band Women In Prison in which Hans was also the drummer. Ryan was previously the drummer in Deskonocidos. Ensconced in their scene in Austin, these guys have given it their all. No shtick, no drama, just four friends playing music together. Chrome Cactus has been called the “highway record of the summer”. If you need bells and whistles and shtick, you probably won’t like this album. If you like straight up rock, sans gimmick, then this one’s for you. “...if you’re in the market for a summer guitar record - nothing that asks you to think deeply or emote, just sun-dazed guitars that coat your soul in industrial-strength reverb dust.” - Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

At tomorrow night's show, The Young are playing with Fly Golden Eagle and local swamp-rockers Degreaser.

To win tickets - send along your full name to Mike.BrooklynRocks at Gmail Dot Com at winner will be chosen at random.

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