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Thursday, April 26, 2007

HELLYEAH - Self-titled CD Review

I don't think there is anything to be gained by pointing out the lineage of the band members -- everyone already knows this is sort of a super group. What you think of this band though will likely depend your opinion on the member's other bands as this release breaks no new ground. Musically, the band's sound is probably closest in style to Mudvayne. As you might gather with song titles like Hellyeah, Alcohaulin' Ass and Goddamn, the lyrics aren't deep. This is simply good-time macho rock n' roll that is played with a swagger.

I would exepect the band to look and sound great in a club setting but they are playing pretty big venues and then are on the Family Values Tour later this summer. I am afraid that the band may come across as fairly generic in these large auditoriums. Time will tell the band's future...

Vinnie just gave a great (and long) interview to Talking Metal where he discusses the 2007 Family Values Tour, HELLYEAH's setlist, recording in Dimebag's studio and many other topics. You can download a podcast of the interview here.

Tour Dates:
May 20 2007 Rams Head Live, Baltimore, Maryland
May 22 2007 Expo 5, Louisville, Kentucky
May 23 2007 East Peoria Convention Center, Peoria, Illinois
May 25 2007 House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio
May 26 2007 Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, Michigan
May 27 2007 Barrymore Theater, Madison, Wisconsin
May 29 2007 Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado
May 30 2007 Sokel, Omaha, Nebraska
June 1 2007 Cotillion, Wichita, Kansas
June 2 2007 Cains Ballroom, Tulsa, Oklahoma
June 3 2007 Southbeach, Lubbock, Texas
June 5 2007 Pavilion, Corpus Christi, Texas
June 9 2007 DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL Donington

HELLYEAH Main Website (Link)
Photo montage from the band's record release party (link)