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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Aaron Dilloway (Wolf Eyes) Releases Limited Edition LP

Aaron Dilloway - ConcealedI am a big fan of the indie DIY scene and used to be a big record collector. I admire bands like Boris, Sunn O))) and Wolf Eyes for releasing limited edition vinyl LPs. In the past, all of these bands seemed to press enough copies to keep the fans happy without getting stuck with unsold inventory. eBay seemed to change this all for Sunn and Boris (I have read that 8,000 copies were pressed of the recently released LP Altar) but Wolf Eyes and its members continue to plow ahead with ultra-limited edition releases.

Aaron Dilloway has just released a new LP, Concealed, that is limited to 300 copies. The LP is available from No Fun Productions for $15 (postpaid).

It goes without saying -- get it now or pay eBay prices!