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Monday, April 16, 2007

Subhoodz Release No Regrets CD on April 17th

Subhoodz - No RegretsI got into Subhoodz in the late 90's but the band has been pretty quiet for the last few years. Tomorrow, the band releases a killer compilation covering their 16 year career as a band. This CD contains material from This Boy's Life and the Genuine B-Boyz CDs and some remixes and new material. The band is supposed to be hitting the road soon for a tour and a CD of new material will follow later in the year.

Stress calls Subhoodz' music "Hip-Hop for the Hardcore at Heart". For fans of old-school metal/hip-hop fusion (think Biohazard, Crown of Thornz, 25 Ta Life and Skarhead), this CD is a must-have.