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Monday, August 13, 2007

Earache's With Passion Announces Break Up and Final Show

With Passion Announces Final ShowEarache artist With Passion has announced that they are playing their final show in Roseville, CA next month. The band released What We See When We Shut Our Eyes earlier this year but the band's tour (which included a show at Europa) fell completely apart. I think the band only played two dates on what was supossed to be a cross-country tour.

With Passion's lineup changed over between their first and second Earache CDs and the final original member, Mike Nordeen, left recently for The Human Abstract. The band has announced on their MySpace page that the remaining members are going back to their previous projects (Conducting From The Grave and Cyanide Era).

Here is the complete MySpace bulletin:
Yes, it's true. Sept. 22 is planned to be the last show we ever play as With Passion. Many of you seem very upset by this, but it is for the best and I will explain why...

We have been struggling to keep afloat in the business side of music for at least 2 years now. We had high hopes that our new album would pull us out of that struggle, but instead our album was released with less than expected promotion and distribution and we ended up unable to even get on the road to support it. It simply seems ridiculous for us to continue on under this name since, as many of you have noticed the last original member Mike Nordeen (bass) departed the line up about three months ago to go onto bigger and better things in The Human Abstract. Many of you are fans of our other/previous band Conducting From The Grave. John, Greg, and I have decided that we should continue again as CFTG and Steven, whom replaced Mike for the last two tours will be joining us on bass. Former vocalist of CFTG, Drew, will be completing the line-up for the band. Fidel will be returning to vocal duties in his previous band, Cyanide Era. We are now writing new material for Conducting From The Grave that should be posted online within the next couple months. We all believe that this decision is in our best interest as musicians and in our fans' best interest as well. We appreciate all of your support and we hope that all of you will continue to support us in these other musical projects.


If you have not heard of Conducting From The Grave or Cyanide Era, please check these links:

In summation, it seemed that two years ago when us CFTG dudes joined with Shaun and Mike that it was the best idea to solve both CFTG and With Passion's line up changes, but now since they have both quit and nothing is working out for us as far as tours and album promotion, it seems that this is the right time to let the name With Passion die. We will still continue to write metal together as Conducting From the Grave and play locally, but we don't plan on touring anytime soon. It's been good times and we appreciate all the support anyone has given to us and any previous line up of this band, and we hope to see as many of you at our last show as possible.