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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

White Trash Reunite for Show at Don Hill's

Does anyone remember these guys? They tore up MTV in the early 90's for about a year or so and seemed to drop completely out of sight after that. For anyone now saying "who?"...White Trash were one of the better funk-metal bands that was touring in the early 90's and the original lineup had a full horn section (pre-dating a number of the ska bands that followed). "Apple Pie" was a big MTV video and "The Crawl" was used as the theme for the Jon Stewart show.

The show is August 30th and tickets are only $10.

Here is where I date myself -- I saw White Trash in '91 or '92 at Hammerjack's (in Baltimore). The band was joined on stage by Gene from Lucy Brown (DC funk band, signed to Atlantic) and the show was simply a lot of fun.

I haven't found much information on the show at Don Hill's but it looks like the original band has reunited. As the band is (was?) from Long Island and always were a strong draw in the Mid-Atlantic, I wouldn't wait to get tickets.

For anyone who needs further convincing, here is the MTV video for "Apple Pie".

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