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Friday, August 31, 2007

Tribute Bands and Why I Hate Them...

I really hate cover bands that call themselves a "tribute band" and they are paying 'tribute' to a band that are either still actively touring or have been inactive for only a couple years. I "get" the Elvis and Hendrix impersonators -- I wouldn't pay money to see them but I "get" what they are trying to do.

So...I got an email today from Ticket*astard that said "Don't miss your chance to get complimentary* tickets to great shows at BB King Blues Club and Grill" (note the asterick after "complimentary").

I was thinking this could be interesting if the list of bands was any good. Here is the list:

Oasis/Blur Tribute - 9/2
Beatles Tribute - 9/11
Kiss Tribute - 9/21
Masters of Soul Tribute - 9/26
Phish Tribute - 10/6
Cannabis Cup Reggae Band-10/13
Smiths & Morrissey Trib-10/27
Grateful Dead Tribute - 11/3
Van Halen Tribute - 11/13

Looking at the small print "*Complimentary tickets will include a $1.25 per ticket fee in addition to standard per order handling fee." So, on a per-ticket basis, I can pay $1.25 + $5-6 in Ticket*astard fees + $10 in BB King's minimum to sit at a table (approx. $17 in total) to see a band cover songs that I can hear any bar band play for free anywhere in the city. I'd also be able to drink significantly cheaper anywhere other than B.B. King's. Why bother...

I know I am beating this thread to death at this point but what is a "Van Halen Tribute"? Will the band's singer play David Lee, Sammy and Gary during the show? Will the guitar player be drunk? Will they kick the bassist out of the band?

I'd have to be paid to sit through something like this!