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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fates Warning - Parallels Special Edition CD Review (Metal Blade)

Fates Warning - Parallels Special Edition CD Review (Metal Blade)Last month, Metal Blade continued on with the recent series of Fates Warning reissues and released the band's 1991 CD Parallels as a three-disc set. I'm starting to feel really old now as this disc is now nineteen years old and the last time (that I can remember) Fates Warning played NYC was 2001 at L'Amour.

The set contains an eight-track live show which was recorded on the Parallels tour at the Hollywood Bowl on January 23, 1992 along with six demos. The demos cover the majority of the Parallels LP with the exception of "Life in Still Water" and "We Only Say Goodbye". The live show also skips over these tracks (and "The Road Goes On Forever") but adds "Nothing Left To Say" (from Perfect Symmetry), "Quietus" (from No Exit) and "Through Different Eyes" (from Perfect Symmetry). The DVD contains a 13-track live concert that was filmed in 1992 in New Haven, CT along with behind-the-scenes footage from the 1992 tour and current interviews with all the band members.

Here is the full track listing for the two bonus discs. As Amazon is selling the 3-disc set new for $14.99, you aren't going to go wrong with this set.

Disc 2 - Live and Demos
"Leave the Past Behind" [Live] - 4:39
"Don't Follow Me" [Live] - 5:19
"The Eleventh Hour" [Live] - 8:09
"Point of View" [Live] - 4:20
"Eye to Eye" [Live] - 4:06
"Nothing Left to Say" [Live] - 7:59
"Quietus" [Live] - 4:00
"Through Different Eyes" [Live] - 4:39
"Leave the Past Behind" [Demo Version] - 5:50
"Eye to Eye" [Demo Version] - 4:06
"The Eleventh Hour" [Demo Version] - 7:39
"Point of View" [Demo Version] - 4:50
"Don't Follow Me" [Demo Version] - 4:17
"The Road Goes on Forever" [Demo Version] - 5:43
Tracks 1-8 recorded at the Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, California on January 23, 1992.

Disc 3 - Live, "The Making of..." and Interviews DVD
"Leave the Past Behind"
"Static Acts"
"Don't Follow Me"
"Part of the Machine"
"The Eleventh Hour"
"Point of View"
"Silent Cries"
"Life in Still Water"
"Eye to Eye"
"Nothing Left to Say"
"Damnation/In a Word"
"Through Different Eyes"

The Parallels line-up of the band has reunited for a few one-off reunion shows and the closest show that the band is playing is at The Webster Theatre in New Haven, CT on June 4th.

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