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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PandaMania - iPhone Game Review (FizzPow Games)

PandaMania iPhone Game ReviewPandaMania is an extremely addiction tower defense game from FizzPow Games that has a great graphics, easy-to-use controls and solid story line. In PandaMania, someone has stolen your source of power, your Fu Manchu mustache, and you must go on an epic journey to retrieve it. Wielding your bow and arrows, you fight through five lands and fifty levels, all in the name of your mustache.

PandaMania iPhone Game ReviewPandaMania has three difficulty levels and gives you three save-game slots. Each enemy that you hit with your bow both charges your Pandamania meter (on the bottom right of the screen) and gives you points which you can use at the end of a level to upgrade both your arrows, power-ups and your tower. Charging the Pandamania meter lets you launch a mass blitz-attack on your enemies and is great to use in a crunch.

Make sure that you have some time for this game as it is easy to get started with and more than enough here to keep you engaged. Each Land has nine - ten levels, introduces new, more challenging enemies and ends with a boss level. This is one of the few games that I didn't put down until I finished the first difficulty level.

PandaMania is $1.99 in the iTunes AppStore.

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