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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Masterplan - "Far From the End of the World" CD EP Review

Masterplan - 'Far From the End of the World' CD EP ReviewGerman progressive/power metal band Masterplan has released a new CD EP, "Far From the End of the World", as an advance 'teaser' for their forthcoming fourth album Time To Be King. Time To Be King will be released on May 21st (on AFM Records) and features the return of original vocalist Jørn Lande.

There are two new tracks on the single "Far From the End of the World" and "Lonely Winds of War" along with a radio edit of "Far From the End of the World". I haven't heard any of the earlier Masterplan releases so - to compare to other bands - these two songs fall closely in line with the Dio-era of Rainbow. "Far from the End of the World" is a rocker that is driven by Lande's vocals and complemented by some clean guitar lines, soaring solos and a swirling, proggy keyboard. "Lonely Winds of War" falls clearly in the Rainbow camp and starts with a acoustic guitar and flute before moving into a riff-oriented power ballad.


Here is the full track list for Time to Be King:

01. Time To Be King
02. Fiddle Of Time
03. Lonely Winds of War
04. Blue Europa
05. Far From The End Of The World
06. The Dark Road
07. Under The Moon
08. Blow Your Winds
09. The Black One
10. The Sun Is In Your Hands
11. Kisses From You (bonus track)
12. Never Walk Alone (Japanese bonus track)