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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Hazey Janes are Playing Union Hall Tomorrow Night (March 9th)

I don't know how I didn't see this before tonight as this looks like a great show.

Scotish power-pop band (think Big Star, not today's alt-pop nonesense) The Hazey Janes play their second ever New York show tomorrow night at Union Hall. The band got a great writeup from The Big Takeover for their show last week at Pianos. Tickets for the Union Hall show are only $8.

"The Hazey Janes played last night from 11:15 until 12 so you would've still been able to catch them. And you should've -- they were phenomenal. There were barely 20 people at Pianos to see them (including a couple from Michigan and some from Philly!), but they were so frickin' good that I almost wanted to run outside and gather more people to see what they were missing. The combination of hot playing and, quite frankly, mind-blowing harmonies (Alice Marra's amazing voice is even better live than on record) were too good to pass up. And despite the reputation for too loud sound at Pianos, the soundman had them mixed so well (especially the vocals) that it sounded like they were playing at Mercury Lounge. Despite the sparse crowd, they were extremely excited to be playing their first-ever show in NYC, and they played liked it. Of the ten songs they played, four were from Hotel Radio -- the rest were (I believe) all new. But all the new songs were incredible and sounded as if they'd been playing them for years (even though they said they were just "trying them out") -- if the show was any indication, their next release should be every bit as good as their last one. After the show, Alice was outside in the freezing cold w/no jacket, having a quick smoke. Since they are recording in Hoboken this week, and playing Brooklyn on Fri, she better protect that voice."