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Friday, March 09, 2007

Too Much Joy Reunites for First Show in Ten Years

We sleep on floors and live on crumbs,We're a bunch of ugly bums.
A great idea when we were smashed...
Turning anger into cash.
To create, you must destroy.
Smash a glass and cry... Too Much Joy

Too Much Joy is playing a one-off all ages show at the Knitting Factory on May 4th. The band will be playing as a five-piece which will include both original bassist Sandy Smallens and later-day replacement William Whittman. This show is to celebrate Tommy Vinton's retirement from the NYPD.

Everyone has a band that was the soundtrack to their youth. Too Much Joy (along with Material Issue) were major parts of mine. Living in DC at the time, Too Much Joy seemed to headline quite a number of WHFS shows and you couldn't turn on the radio in the mid-90s without hearing a track from Cereal Killers. For whatever reason, the band never seemed to turn the corner and they ended up "fading away".

With the band members now living in different cities, this is probably the only chance to see this great band back together.

Check out some of the audio and video links a ticket to the show! I don't know if the show will sell out but the band certianly has the talent to pack the room.

Too Much Joy's website:

From the CD Cereal Killers: William Holden Caufield
From the CD Cereal Killers: Crush Story