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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ror-Shak -- Deep CD Review

Ror-Shak has their roots in electronica but the songs on this CD push beyond the limitations of the genre. The "electronica" label doesn't do this band justice as this disc goes beyond dance tracks and extended remixes. All the songs are distinctive and a number of the tracks merit repeated plays. While I am sure that the disc will do well in the dance scene, this is also the sort of music that would be well received at a late night show at the Mercury Lounge. As a point of comparison, Ror-Shak's music isn't that far removed from what Kid Congo Powers has been doing over the last few years with Annie Anxiety.

What really makes this CD for me are the vocalists and use of live musicians. I am not a fan of the bands use only pre-programmed backing tracks as they generally lack the warmth that Ror-Shak is able to achieve on this disc. The vocals are a real standout and here is a list of the vocalists on each track:

1. Lisa's Song - Feat. Lisa Shaw
2. Fate or Faith - Feat. Julee Cruise
3. A Forest - Feat. Chantel Claret
4. Golden Cage - Feat. Julee Cruise
5. Rescue Me - Feat. Wendy Starland
6. Interlude # 1
7. Be There
8. Love & Pride - Feat. Wendy Starland
9. Heist
10. I Don't Want (A Remake) - Feat. Julee Cruise
11. Window Pain - Feat. Julee Cruise
12. Trust (Alternative Mix) - Feat. Mark Holmes

The three tracks that stand out for me are Lisa's Song, Fate or Faith and a cover of The Cure's A Forest. The last two tracks are streaming on the band's MySpace page.

It looks like Ror-Shak is more than just a studio band as there is a booking contact listed in the CD booklet. It will be very interesting to hear how Ror-Shak translates this disc to the live stage.

Moby has been quoted as saying Ror-Shak is "great electronic music" and I completely agree.