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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jesse Malin - Legal Music Downloads

Jesse MalinThis week I want to take a look at Jesse Malin's performance on World Cafe on March 1st. I found this podcast on iTunes and...unfortunately, it isn't worth the download.

The tracks I have heard from Jesse's new CD are great and he gives a good interview BUT the World Cafe podcasts are heavily edited. For instance, Jesse starts into a great live version of Don't Let Them Take You Down and it fades out after a minute. I didn't realize (until the end of the podcast) that World Cafe podcasts are just teasers to get you to stream the full show from NPR's website.

This has nothing to do with the podcast but I find it interesting that most of the current interviews with Jesse skip over his post-D Generation bands PCP Highway and Bellvue. (From NPR's site -- D Generation broke up in 1999, and Malin launched a solo career). I thought both bands were great and saw Bellvue many times.

After listening to a great Robyn Hitchcock podcast last week which originally aired on WNYC, the World Cafe podcasts are a disappointment.