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Friday, March 30, 2007

Thrones, Growing and Plotkin/Wyskida Playing in Brooklyn Tomorrow (Mar. 31)

Todd P has a big show tomorrow night at a new venue in Brooklyn. There are a lot of great acts on this bill for only an $8 ticket.

TroublemanUnlimited reports that the "GROWING's going on a tour of Europe with Thrones and WOLF EYES. Should be fun. GROWING will have their new record entitled VISION SWIM with them in limited tour pressing form. The pressing is limited to 100 with 6-color screened and hand assembled/glued covers by Andrew and Sara of Wacky Prints. These covers are REALLY REALLY nice looking, and were very expensive to make."

Here are the details about tomorrow's show:

49 S 2nd St btwn Wythe & Kent | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford, JM to Marcy, G to Metropolitan | 8pm | $8 | ALL AGES

:: Thrones
:::: Ocrilim
:::::: Growing

:: Child Abuse
:::: Microwaves
:::::: Plotkin/Wyskida
:::::::: Little Women

"The Forms craft wiry, punchy indie pop. The singer's silvery voice soars like the album's namesake. Keep an eye and an ear out." - Pitchfork "The Forms are one of the most exciting, if not one of the best, new acts in indie rock right now. It is unbelievable how many musical ideas they get across." -Popmatters

"The band intertwines folk elements, along with classical composition chops and a strange sense of melody, to its bass-heavy atmospheric doom. This is a band truly deserving of the word "epic," and their tales of seamen gone astray rival anything put out in their concept albums. It's just damned good and I wish I'd found them sooner." -

"Like a vivid collision-course journey through shadowlands of our fears and neuroses, Two Ton Boa's grinding musical landscape is equally unsettling, captivating and enveloping." - SxSW

[ 31 KNOTS ]
31 Knots is on Polyvinyl and make "streamlined indie-prog - but the importance of 31 Knots's rhythm section, the two Jays (Pellicci and Winebrenner), shouldn't be underplayed: Their supple, delicately shifting armature is a vital component of the songs' impact. But the central figure in the band is Joe Haege, who's responsible for the lyrics, vocals, guitars, samples, and piano. It's Haege's voice that first draws you to 31 Knots-- it's a powerful instrument, evoking operatic singers from Jason Molina to Jeff Buckley to Craig Wedren. Haege forgoes the mealy-mouthed style of the day and sings from the diaphragm; his voice is resonant and clear as a bell." -

"Grayceon is a composite group of sorts. Featuring Max Doyle (guitars) and Zack Farwell (drums) of excellent San Fran thrashers Walken, the band’s lineup is rounded out by one Jackie Perez Gratz on cello and vocals. Gratz is a veteran of long-running Relapse act Amber Asylum as well as a new member of the up-and-coming Giant Squid, not to mention a contributor to albums by the likes of Today is the Day and Neurosis, so you could say she’s something of a genre-buster veteran. It certainly comes out in Grayceon’s songwriting; this trio’s sound is immediately distinct and unusual. Highly recommended." - Metal Review

Joe Preston, one time member of MELVINS, and later on HIGH ON FIRE, delivers bonecrushing solo-bass action with miles of bass rig stacks and mounds of pedals. Awesome and awe-inspiring spectacle.
-- SITE / MP3s

"Ocrilim is the latest project from legendary guitarist Mick Barr. Admirers of Mick’s previous work with Orthrelm, Octis, and Crom Tech, will recognize his unmistakable sound, a virtuosic welding of metal-guitar expertise with influences as diverse as late-era Coltrane and Master Musicians of Joujouka. But it won’t take long to realize that this shows a new side of Mick Barr. Though still seriously heavy, the songs have a more deliberate compositional component. Themes and variations recur throughout, giving the complexity of Mick’s guitar work a new level of harmonic depth, like an extended suite of string duos. The record ends up sounding like the improbable, awesome child of Beethoven, black metal, and drone-pioneer Giacinto Scelsi." - I and Ear Records

Two-piece "enveloping waves of finely wrought feedback and static that tap into the cosmos' universal hum - holy whorls of drones." - Portland Mercury. Growing have records out on Kranky Records, Zum and Animal Disguise, and are soon to release an album on MegaBlade / Troubleman Unlimited. "Reach for an initial word, a label - say Doom Metal - then watch, as the demonic guitars slowly morph into demonstrative bliss. Drone may come a bit closer to the truth, but only slightly, as silence plays an equally significant role in the proceedings. Alas, Growing's anomalous sounds dwell in perpetual nigh-fidelity, permeating the gaps between equalizer settings with evasive intent, frustrating any attempt at optimization, and therefore, classification." - Luke Calzonetti, Child Abuse

Luke Calzonetti plus Oran (x X27, x Cop on Fire) plus bass - keyboards, metaloid effects, screaming, distorted bass destruction, and plodding, hypnotic drum bursts. "Total blissful fast/stacatto jello-sounds for the new punks. CHILD ABUSE place audience members into complete aural convulsion and, at the same time, drench them in their own metaphorical I vomit. How? CHILD ABUSE combine the best of heavy machine gun spurts of atonal tech-metal to confusing off time blurps, growls and howls to 70s mud groove rock improvisations with the spirits of Drumbo and Carl Nielson hovering ominously overhead." Members have had stints in San Francisco mainstays Caroliner Rainbow, Mesh, Murder Murder and NYC's X27." - Luke Calzonetti. Recordings out on Folding Cassettes.

"In the anti-tradition of whitebread Bay Area thrash metal, the violent morass of New York no wave, and a familiarity with Ralph Records insanity, Microwaves draws from a palette that is somehow as wide as it seems limited. Kuzy spits tonality-impaired riffs like so much chaff from a surgically calibrated tree shredder. MacGregor processes his fretless bass with all manner of effects, often rendering it as more a bowel-rumbling presence than an instrument. When the two "groove" along to Roman's cyborg clatter, it is more the exception than the norm. The dual vocal attack of MacGregor's narrations from the edge and Kuzy, the detached town crier - seals the deal. Indeed, Microwaves pride themselves in creating a blues-free vacuum in a shot-and-beer milltown rife with 12-bar ponytail-growers." - Microwaves HQ

"Plotkin & Wyskida are a of stream-of-consciousness invention for guitar and drums. Themes rise, permutate into new themes and then fall into chaos. The dissonance becomes melodic upon further investigation. Rhythms stutter and threaten to solidify, but then refuse. Too dirty to be jazz, yet too free to be rock, their work lies slightly beyond these restrictive terms." - Ars Nova

Ben Greenberg-guitar, Darius Jones- Alto saxophone, Jason Nazary- Drum set, Travis Laplante- Tenor saxophone