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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lola Danza debuts Naadu at Water Street Lounge, Brooklyn on March 31st

I have been listening to some mp3s of Ms. Danza and have liked what I have heard. I am also intrigued by an artist that is going back to the concept of combining art and music as haven't seen anyone try this since the early days of punk. I haven't seen Ms. Danza perform live but she is getting great press for her live shows. Give a listen to the mp3s and check out the show.

From Avant-Garde CD "Live At Rutman's" Boston MA, Recorded June 2nd 2005
Untitled 1
Untitled 2

The enchanting vocalist and composer, Lola Danza debuts her project Naadu, with visual artists: painter Jacqueline Chachitz and installation artist Meaghan Bates Saturday, March 31st 2007 at 8pm at the Water Street Lounge (66 Water St. (718.625.9352 in DUMBO Brooklyn, NY 11201-1048).

The project Naadu infuses two mediums: music and visual art. Naadu celebrates the organic, the spiritual and the primal creation of music and art at its most vulnerable state through improvisation. Naadu allows music and visual art to become one, the painter another member of the band, while the installation artist transforms space and time.

Ms. Danza combines Jazz, Avant-garde, World, Classical, Post Modern Pop and Americana music. Danza's created a new idiom in Jazz. Lola’s original compositions evoke images of impressionistic and abstract paintings rich in texture and colour. She sings beautiful flowing melodies and creative improvised lines with effortless mastery, Danza's voice is rich, warm and resonant, with a four-octave range and vast array of vocal techniques. Lola's music reveals a special connection to her soul that cultivates mutual inspiration between the musicians and captivates the audience.

Visual artist, Chachitz, provides intense, bold, thought provoking, raw, complex, innocence - the paint speaks for itself, using its own language. The physical reality of Ms. Chachitz’s painting is about exploring the fundamental process of creating, returning to the act of creating with no preconceived notions. Manipulating the canvas, creating and destroying figures and forms, spontaneously flowing with and against all direction - color, texture, shape, and the gestural brush strokes of each motion bring context to chaos.

Meaghan Bates' drawing concerns altering the states of time and space. The mark making is done with the intent to displace time and recognizable space in order to allow for looseness of thought in the viewer and the artist as the work is being made. When interrupted, the fragility of time and common space is evident. Materials such as Kozo paper and pastel or Sumi ink relate directly to the artist's interest in investigating fragility as a universal quality.

Ms. Danza is joined by musicians John Lockwood- Acoustic Bass, Garth Stevenson- Acoustic Bass and Nat Mugavero- Drums.