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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kristin Hersh (50 Foot Wave) - Legal Music Download

Kristin Hersh & 50 Foot WaveAfter a few acoustic solo tours, Kristin Hersh formed 50 Foot Wave in 2003 as an electric power-trio. Even though the band features Muses bassist Bernard Georges, 50 Foot Wave is a departure from the Muses' sound (but not in a bad way). Lyrically, Hersh's themes are the same as the past (emotional and confrontational) but her singing style has shifted to a throaty growl. This is pretty interesting stuff and worth the time to download.

The "FreeMusic!" EP was released in late 2005 via Hersh's main website. Below are links to the songs and the cover art.

1. Hot Pink, Distorted
2. Vena Cava
3. Pretty Ugly
4. Animal
5. The Fuchsia Wall
FreeMusic Cover Art [Link]

There are a couple other interesting 50 Foot Wave live performances and downloads that I have found on the net.

- Streaming video of 50 Foot Wave Live @ Twist and Shout (Record Store) [Link]
- Downloadable audio of 50 Foot Wave Live @ Mercury Lounge, NYC 6-14-2005 [Link]