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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Snake Eyes Seven CD Review and News

Snake Eyes SevenCanadian heavy metal act Snake Eyes Seven's debut CD will be released this spring and the band is playing the Milwaukee Metal Fest on May 11-12th at the Waukesha Expo Center in Waukesha, WI.

I have been listening to a pre-release of this CD and have been quite impressed. The band's bio describes their sound as "vintage Black Sabbath infused with Rammstein". I can hear the Black Sabbath influence as the band has a down-tuned doom-influenced sound. I really don't hear the Rammstein influence -- I would compare the band's sound to a doom influenced Skid Row or the more metal leanings of later-day Christian Death.

The band members have an interesting musical history as members have played in Into Eternity, Kick Axe, Wrathchild and Love Hunter. While S.E.S. has some noticable influences from its members' previous bands, their sound is pretty unique as it brings a refreshing new look to the guitar rock sound of the late 80s and early 90s

The songs on this disc are all strong rockers but none of the tracks are too hard to scare off radio play. The band has been rumored to be on OzzFest this year and that should give this CD the attention it deserves. The tracks that I particularly liked are Bitter Pill as it has great guitar hooks and vocals and the Christian Death sounding goth/doom track Devil with a Rosary.

The band is supposed to have a strong live show so hopefully the band will do a full US tour after the CD is released.

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