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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Art Brut Returns to NYC for a Show at Terminal 5

Art Brut Plays Terminal 5 on November 21stArt Brut is back in the States and will be doing an East Coast tour with The Hold Steady in Oct/Nov. The band has only one show in the area - Wednesday, Nov 21 @ Terminal 5, New York, NY. For anyone who hasn't been keep up with the new clubs that have been opening; Terminal 5 is the old Club Exit and it is located at 56th Street and 11th Avenue. According to this week's TimeOut, Terminal 5 has a capacity of 3,000. (I am sure there are going to be those who reminisce for last year's small club shows at Southpaw and the Knit)

Art Brut also did a live podcast for AOL's The Interface which is available as a free download on both video and mp3. Eddie is really something to watch -- I didn't hear the comparisons to The Fall when I first listened to the pre-release of It's a Bit Complicated but I can really see the comparison now. If you listen to the interview, there is talk that the University of Berlin is having a course on Eddie's lyrics.

Here is the track listing for the podcast:
'Pump Up the Volume'
'Post Soothing Out'
'Direct Hit'
'Good Weekend'

I have yet to catch The Hold Steady but this video from the band's show at Prospect Park looks pretty cool. It sounds like Craig Finn's spoken word delivery is a perfect match to accompany Eddie and Art Brut.

Before going off with Art Brut, The Hold Steady is play a show on 9.17.07 @ World Trade Center.

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