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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dirty Rig Book NYC Date and Stream New Tracks on MySpace

Dirty Rig 2 Snitch, Nov '06Kory Clarke is gone but new singer Tom Morrissey sounds great. He has a deeper, raspier voice than Kory which gives the band more of a hard rock sound. There are two new tracks, with Tom singing, streaming on the band's MySpace page . Kickin' Screamin' sounds great and Don't You is a fun cover of the Simple Minds hit from the 80's.

The Simple Minds cover will be included on the CD sampler that comes with the September 22 issue of Classic Rock magazine. The magazine wanted the band to cover a song that was in a movie so the members of the band decided to run a promotion/contest with MySpace and let the fans determine the outcome of the cover song.

(from Blabbermouth) "There are so many great songs out there and everyone in the band had a different idea of what song to cover," says guitarist Chris. "I wanted to do something by WAYLON JENNINGS or AC/DC, Dave wanted to cover a RUSH track, Tom wanted to do a CHEAP TRICK tune and Buckshot wanted to cover 'Cockroaches' from 'Killing Technology' by VOIVOD even though that song was never in a movie. So we just said let the fans on MySpace decide. We dont know how this particular song got picked but what ever. We said we would do what ever song was chosen and we did. We always keep our word If you don't keep your word, then you ain't worth squat."

The band is (finally) playing a show in NYC and their upcoming show is at Crash Mansion on Oct. 26th.

Beers Up!