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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Would you play $60 to see Ace Frehley?

Ace Frehley Plays Eddie Trunk's Halloween BashI am a huge Ace Frehley fan but the idea of playing $60 to see him play Eddie Trunk's Halloween Bash is kind of crazy.

Does Ace Frehley really have a bigger audience than Skid Row (who played Eddie Trunk's show for free last year) or Overkill (who I think played free the year before)?

For anyone who doesn't know what I am talking about...Ace Frehley is headlining Eddie Trunk's Halloween Bash at Hard Rock Cafe on Halloween night. The last few years, admission was free but you had to win the tickets from Eddie (which never seemed to be a problem). This year -- the show is $60.

Eddie/Ace -- I wish you well but I am going to find somewhere else to be on Halloween night. Bring on some special guests (Vito Bratta would be my first suggestion) and you might get my interest back...

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