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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Keith Caputo Live In Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 18, 2007

This post needs a bit of an advance explanation. Last December, I posted about Keith playing a three song acoustic jam at Club Retox (with Scott Ian, etc.). This post keeps getting traffic and the information is now long out-of-date.

I was looking for updated info on Keith and ran across some photos and a live bootleg of a recent show in Hamburg, Germany. Thanks to someone named "limulus", I have included the complete set list and an mp3 from the show encore (just click on the link).

Hopefully this post will be of more interest than info on a 2006 concert.

Keith Caputo - Hamburg, Germany, September 18, 2007According to Keith's MySpace page, his new CD is finished but no release date has been scheduled.

"A lot of people have been asking when the new album will be out. The truth is, we don't know yet. We are trying to find a good label home for the album and that takes some time. Rest assured though, we are working hard to make sure it will be available as soon as possible cause we can't wait to let everyone hear the new stuff."

Setlist from Sept. 18th show:
01 - Upsy Daisy (from "Died Laughing")
02 - Kill with God (from "Hearts Blood On Your Dawn")
03 - New York City (from "Died Laughing")
04 - Ramshackle (from "Hearts Blood On Your Dawn")
05 - Razzberry Mockery (from "Died Laughing")
07 - Troubles Down (unreleased)
08 - Fix Pop Bang Shot (from "Hearts Blood On Your Dawn")
09 - Lamb To The Slaughter (from "Hearts Blood On Your Dawn")
10 - Dew Drop Magic (from "Died Laughing")
11 - New Song (unreleased)
12 - Our Moon Our Stars (from "Hearts Blood On Your Dawn")
13 - Selfish (from "Died Laughing")
14 - Living The Blues (from "Hearts Blood On Your Dawn")
15 - Let's Pretend (from Life Of Agony's "Ugly")