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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Aliens in the Attic - Nintendo DS Game Review (Playlogic International)

Aliens in the Attic - Nintendo DS Game ReviewMy kids wanted to see the movie "Aliens in the Attic" when it was released in the theaters earlier this summer but we never found the time. As such, none of us can comment on how closely this game ties with the movie's plot line but that is probably not important as the game play is very familiar to the experienced gamer.

The game play reminds me of the late 80's arcade games like "Bad Dudes", "Super Mario Land" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". "Aliens in the Attic" combines elements of the 'best 'em up' games with that of a platform game. The plot of the game is that you have to guide the Pearson children through five sections/twenty-five levels of the family's vacation house as you attempt to save the Pearson parents and neighbors from the alien invasion. You can rotate your character between the three kids (Tom, Jake and Hannah) and each kid has unique abilities that you will need at some point in the game.

Aliens in the Attics - Nintendo DS Game ReviewWhen you start the game, Tom and Jake have homemade guns with a limited amount of ammo. Hannah can't use a gun (ever) but she has the ability to double-jump to reach high platforms and to fit through narrow spaces - both of which are critical to successfully completing this game. The game moves on a scrolling left-to-right basis and, as you move through the game, you will find objects that will help you defeat the aliens. There are alien weapons (that only Tom can use), additional ammo, weapons upgrades, health packs and more. As you navigate the platforms and swarms of aliens, you will also have to defeat a boss in each of the five sections of the house.

Aliens in the Attics - Nintendo DS Review"Aliens in the Attic" should resonate well with fans of the movie and junior gamers. I gave the game to my 12-year old to play as I wanted to get her unbiased reaction. As a non-gamer, she thought the game was 'hard' until I showed her how to move, fire and aim all at the same time. The game has now held her attention for multiple hours and she came close to finishing the other night.

The only thing to be watchful of is that experienced gamers may find the game too easy. I sat down one evening and finished the game in a couple of hours.