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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Boris Release First 7" from Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Series (Southern Lord)

Boris Release First Single from Japanese Heavy Rock Hits series (Southern Lord)Boris has just released the first 7" from their Japanese Heavy Rock Hits series on Southern Lord. Over the course of the next three months, three exclusive vinyl-only 7"s will be released. If you purchase the three-single package from Southern Lord (which is available only until the second 7" is released), you will receive a bonus fourth single. This bonus 7" contains an exclusive unreleased track and an etched b-side. This bonus track, "Seasons", will be included ONLY in this package and will not be available anywhere else.

"The first 7", Volume One, "8", features two newly recorded tracks. On Side A, the title track "8" continues the spacey hard-rock sound established on their classic albums Pink and Smile, building from a mono, lo-fi wall of feedback into a ripping, slab of lush vocals, crunchy guitar and thunderous drums. Things get switched up on Side B with "ねえエヴリワン/Hey Everyone", a chewy bit of power-pop bubblegum that sees the band mining a much lighter source for their sound. It's a reminder that the most daring thing this band can do is record something so straight-forward it could easily be misconstrued as "alt-pop". Dont fret its still got a dark core and is unmistakably Boris! Gorgeous tip-on, heavy-weight cardboard jacket designed by Stephen O'Malley."
Boris' only US show this year was at All Tomorrow's Party and here is some quality live footage from the show that was posted to YouTube.

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