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Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Mary Onettes Release Advance Single "Puzzles" from Forthcoming Second CD (Labrador Records)

DOWNLOAD: The Mary Onettes - "Puzzles"
DOWNLOAD: The Mary Onettes - "The Void" (Live)

The Mary Onnettes Release 'Islands' on November 3rdSweden's The Mary Onettes have a sound that falls somewhere between Echo & the Bunnymen and The Church. The band put out their debut CD in 2007 and played a great show last Spring to a capacity crowd at Union Hall.

The band has a new disc, Islands, which will be coming out in the US (on EMI) on Novemebr 3rd. The first single from the disc, "Puzzles", is due out September 30th. This disc was somewhat delayed and Philip Ekström (singer and principal songwriter) posted the following to the band's MySpace profile:

Last summer I basically lost every song I've ever recorded with The Mary Onettes. My hard-drive with all my music was stolen in my car one fine afternoon in Stockholm, the very same fine afternoon we came home from our US tour, the very same day I was feeling thrilled to come home and start the process of finishing our new album. Of course I had made a backup copy on my computer at home. But for some reason a power failure in the building made that hard drive collapse to. Unbelievable.
The band describes this new disc as being more lyrically focused with themes of lost youth, transience and death. Philip Ekström said that "[t]he songs are almost too personal and I’ve had a hard time playing them for friends. It’s like all I want to do is keep them to myself."

The Mary Onettes' MySpace Profile